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Pre and Post Waxing Care

Waxing is an intimate experience, but one that is gratifying to many. At Wax Avenue, I want your waxing experience to not only be the absolute best, but for you to achieve your desired results. It is recommended that you come in every 4-6 weeks. Doing this will allow your skin to acclimate to waxing, slow your hair growth, and maintain better results between treatments.

Pre-Waxing Care:

    • Personal hygiene rules! Please bathe and or freshen up before your Brazilian, bikini or body wax treatment. For your convenience, cleansing wipes will be provided.
    • Skip the lotions and potions! Do not apply self tanners, body sprays, deodorants and other topical creams before your appointment.
    • Let it grow out! If you have been shaving, allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks or ¼ inch of hair growth.
    • Schedule your wax 2-3 days before beach and poolside jaunts if you plan to sun bathe.
    • Avoid heat. No tanning beds, hot tubs and saunas before your appointment.
    • Exfoliate! Exfoliating the area gently 24 hours before your appointment will remove the dead skin cells and allow for a cleaner wax.
  • Be comfy. Wear loose comfortable clothing to prevent irritation after waxing.

Post-Waxing Care:

Everyone reacts differently to waxing. If this is your first time, it is important to take precaution.

    • Heightened sensitivity may be experienced in the area waxed for the next 24-48 hours.
    • Avoid heat. No tanning, sun bathing, hot tubs or saunas for 24 hours after your treatment. Since a layer of dead skin cells have been removed, sun and or heat exposure can burn the skin.
    • No hot baths or exercising for 12 hours following your treatment.
    • Apply a cold compress to sooth the skin if you experience sensitivity or irritation after your treatment. Hydro-cortisone cream also reduces the redness and irritation following your treatment.
    • Use an anti-acne treatment for any ingrown hairs or breakouts.
  • Exfoliate daily 48 hours after your treatment. We offer a nice selection of exfoliating products to help you maintain your wax and eliminate ingrown hairs. Try our Body Polish Kit or our mild natural sugar scrubs made by OnFire Naturals.

If your skin is sensitive, body waxing may result in minor breakouts. Waxing causes the temporary enlargement of the hair follicles that can allow bacteria residing on the skin, to enter the enlarged follicles and cause skin infections. Although its rate, if an infection occurs, it should be evaluated and treated by a doctor as soon as possible. That is why it is important to take proper care of your skin following a wax treatment.

At Wax Avenue, all instruments are sanitized and we enforce a strict “no double dipping” policy, meaning that we never dip the same applicator in the vat of wax once it has been used.