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Testimonials from my Clients
Danielle F. says:

Professional, nice and knowledgeable. I was made to feel extremely comfortable in a potentially awkward situation. I was given maintenance tips/ suggestions. I went for my second visit two days ago and will be back for a third in the future.

Ian B. says:

I am so happy to have finally found someone who is capable, attentive, brilliant and all around perfect!

Andrea L. says:

Really great service! Fast, friendly and relatively pain free!

Kathleen L. says:

Best Brazilian I’ve ever gotten – so detailed oriented and it barely hurt. I will for sure be back.

Sara T. says:

My first time getting a Brazilian. I’m not a terribly modest person to begin with, so I brought a freind and between her and Christy, there was virtually no awkwardness and surprising little pain. Going back in 4 weeks. 5++ stars

Gary L. says:

Setting is comfortable and professional. Experience was completely positive.

Kelly A. says:

Christi is personable but professional. She explains the process very well and put my nervousness at ease. Totally going back.

Christine G. says:

I have been a regular client of Christi’s for a while now and I’m always consistently impressed with her skill! I am Italian with hair removal difficulties and I tried countless other salons for waxing and they always left me feeling disappointed. So after finally finding Christi I felt so relieved! She doesn’t miss a single hair so I always leave feeling flawless. And yet she is also surprising quick and efficient. I highly recommend Christi to all my friends.

Sara A. says:

I have been a faithful waxing client of Christi’s for almost 6 years now. She is clean, knowledgeable, thorough, and as gentle as one can be considering. She patiently fixed my eyebrows after I decided I could pluck them myself (No, you can’t. So just don’t.) and she even offers a dab of concealer to cover any redness that remains before sending you back out into the world! I wouldn’t trust my face (or any other body part!) with anyone but her!

Leslie L. says:

Christi is the best!!! I am thoroughly impressed with her work! Definitely the best